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We provide a wide range of ICT services, including specialized software development, system integration and ICT infrastructure development. We aim to ensure high quality customer service. DASU specializes in implementing solutions for business optimization and sustainable growth. We offer innovative solutions for software development, system integration, information management systems, web development, mobile and intelligent technologies, audit and consulting.

Our values

We create a value chain, a transparent and healthy atmosphere and increase our human capital. All these help us to develop innovative and competitive solutions.

Business Process Analysis

Conduct business and systems analysis processes

Data collection

Data collection and preparation of the Terms of Reference.

Time management

Project Launch and Project Time Management


Working with DASU to develop a digital transformation strategy means working with qualified and experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of technology, people and processes and how changes will affect business performance.

Software development

Mobile Application Development

Application Consulting and Development

Multi Tenant Application Development

Multiservices Application Development

Third Party APIs Integration

We can provide relevant solutions for below:

We help in implementing research-based, engaging UI/UX for varied target audience to enhance the application usability, solve users’ problems, and proactively engage with target users. We bring the necessary user stickiness by optimizing the SaaS user experience for reliability and security in B2B and B2C environment.

Simple and Intuitive


Focused on Solving Problems

Easy to Use

Research Driven

We offer assistance in analyzing the complex data and creating critical reports in lesser time by implementing the right database management. We ensure that it is unique to the business and runs efficiently. Our expertise in data visualization, big data, and reporting tools makes us the preferred development partner.

It is crucial to implement software business model and consistently maintain and optimize the app performance. Whether it is architectural changes or query optimization, we focus on the needs of the customers, visualize roadmaps, and re-architect as per the demand.


Our services


With DASU, reinvent your business with SaaS application development services. We help you place innovation at the heart of your business to empower you to move faster, scale faste, make informed and data-backed decisions, and reduce operational costs. We help you build an extension to your existing web property or a stand-alone app with robust process automation capabilities. Be future-ready, achieve scalability, and robust security with our software application solutions.

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As a strategic partner, we help you identify the right technologies and features, while our technical team helps you apply them in your softtware business applications. Our expertise in developing APIs for mobile applications, wearables applications and other devices helps you gain an edge over competition.

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Having our experts on board, we help you plan and develop scalable, maintainable, and upgradeable software application solutions with the right architecture and technologies to hit the target market on time. Our technical and strategic assistance enables you to meet the roadmap plan, implement the right application, save time, resource, and cost.

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We implement the adept multitenant architecture for B2G-B2B-B2C to derive benefits for businesses, resellers (tenants), and customers. We help you take advantage of centralized administration yet maintaining security, obtain optimal efficiency, performance, upgrades, and service support.

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We stand as the dependable partners for microservices architecture based easily maintainable and upgradable application development with zero downtime. We assist you in remodeling the work processes, reduce development complexity as your business changes, and keep your business in pace with the evolving technology.

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We enable you to integrate various third-party services to power up your mail campaigns, payment gateway, product filters, live chat, and other customer support features to reduce time to market and make the product functionally rich. Our experts help you meet your brand-specific requirements, resolve issues, enhance operations, understand customer behavior and thus increase sales and support.

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